Jack and Jodi have been residents of the Milwaukee  community for 14 years.  Jack had spent most of the last 20 years as an insurance professional and Jodi has been involved in high level sales and sales managerial positions.

The DOGWALKER, is an established business venture, and is the culmination of their deep love for pets of all kinds but especially dogs.  Jack and Jodi have always been first in line to volunteer to walk, sit, or care for pets of friends and loved ones.

Our experience and our level of maturity and general knowledge enable us to firmly grasp the profound nature of an individual's or family's love for their pet.  It is with this knowledge in mind that we make an uncompromising commitment to love and care for your pet.          


"It's great to know our pets are taken care of when we can't be home.  Thanks Jack & Jodi!"  Carli D

The Dogwalker has proven to be extremely dependable and reliable.  Our pets love Jack & Jodi!"  Jerry M

"Fiona is very happy with her walks with the Dogwalker"  Chris M

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